Dead Sea Mud 16 oz. Jar


Product may vary slightly from image representation.
Dead Sea Mud sold by weight in a 16 ounce sealed plastic jar with white lid.
Net Weight: 20 ounces - there is room in the jar for effective mixing.
Full sheet of Dead Sea information and instructions are included.
Add an organza gift bag for only $0.70.

The following is taken from my supplier:
Dead Sea Mud is a natural extract from the Dead Sea which contains a
high percentage of magnesium, potassium, bromine and other
important minerals and trace elements...all natural substances.
Dead Sea Mud supports the metabolism and revitalizes the natural functions of cells.
It has anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatic effects.
Worldwide this mud is used as a supporting cure for skin and rheumatic diseases.
It is also recommended as an overall regenerative and beautification mask.
Dead Sea Mud has long been advocated for its healing benefits for those with psoriasis.
While not true "medical therapy", many psoriasis patients claim that the
use of mineral mud helps soften their skin and diminish the presence of scaling.
Great for the scalp, too!
If you wish to use Dead Sea Mud on the face, please try out on a very
small area of facial skin first and note any reactions you may have.